Sewing first: buying a pattern in a foreign language! In this case the language = French and the pattern = Les Brunes by Delphine & Morissette. Zoe’s sleeveless version grabbed me and and I went down the rabbit hole. Yes, I am referring to Delphine & Morissette’s unusual styling:

(image source: Delphine et Morisette)

Undeterred by models wearing rabbit masks or the fact I don’t speak or read a lick of French, I used google translate to write a simple message to procure the pattern and set about typing the pithy instructions into the same to get the broad strokes of pattern construction. I’ve made loads of similar tops and was sure I could wing it if the pattern translation didn’t make much sense which it often didn’t. I am reassured that some jobs can’t be replaced by computers – yet.

This pattern is so simple, I told myself, just a shell with a new-to-me bust dart placement with some ruffles stuffed in. Easy-peasy! Hubris. I trimmed the the ruffles to make them narrower, then didn’t pay attention to the selvage on the shorts ends so they weren’t captured in the seam. I expected the darts to come to a logical point, but they didn’t and I worry I got the angle wrong. I sewed the bias tape to the inside of the garment which isn’t going to work if you’re trying to hide it. There’s a lot of pulling and puckering at the arm-and neck-holes. I think using a narrower bias tape would help with that, but I was done having my ass handed to me by simple sewing and decided to call it good enough and chalk all the annoying mistakes to the growing pains associated with “winging it.”

Here it is and here I am in front of our ugly chain link fence. But look, wildflowers! There are blackberries,raspberries, and gooseberries back there, too, that I planted last spring for beautification and edibles. Some of the wildflowers are as tall as I am. Some of the weeds, too.

Pattern: Les Brunes
Fabric: Cotton voile from Fabricworm. That’s all know, folks.

I quite like it. Great color, good fit, and I do love those ruffles, I do, I do.


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