“You Look Nothing Like a Chicken”

Post title is a direct quote from my husband this morning. My neck seized up while I was drying my hair because that’s a thing that apparently happens to me, now, and I complained that I felt like I was walking around with my neck sticking out. You know, like a chicken.

Chickens, then, are the theme of the day.

Simple and unfussy, this little dress came together like a dream. I had a disproportionate amount of coordinating fabric leftover from making Oliver & S’s Hide-and-Seek tunics – lots of the leafy fabric, only a bit of the chickens – that worked great for this pattern. This project doesn’t feel like a Sewing Accomplishment, but clothes that are easy to get on and off and to wear are the ones I reach for in the morning and I am hopeful it will see a lot of use. You can never tell with kids.

IMG_5297 (2)

Pattern: Polly Peasant Dress & Blouse
Fabric: Mayflower UK, Jolly Farm, quilting cotton
Size: 2T
Mod: I sewed the hem facing so it flipped to the outside. More chickens this way!

Epilogue: later my husband called me “sweaty paws”, obliterating all goodwill he had engendered when he told me I didn’t look like a chicken.

Epilogue to epilogue: I finally broke out my camera – here’s a pic of scalloped chickens!


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