Birthday Apron

Back in 2015 I bought yards and yards of fabric to make lots and lots of children’s aprons. I already had so many children’s tunics and so many tiny dresses and so many bucket hats and so little need for any of them that I thought maybe I would try to amass some sort of salable inventory to put up a booth at our church’s annual Kristkindle Markt and possibly earn back some pin money to finance my new hobby. I didn’t make that ill-conceived foggy goal by a wide mile, but it turns out children’s aprons make great gifts. That’s what I tell myself, anyways, to justify the 5 aprons tucked away in a drawer awaiting recipients as my gift-making outpaces occasions for gift-giving.

Pattern: Simplicity 2555, View A
Size: Childrens Large
Fabric: Windham Fabric, Bake Tools of the Trade.

I don’t have a serger. In the past I’ve pinked and edge stitched the apron skirt to the bib, but it always seemed… unpolished. Then an epiphany: I could take some leftover bias tape and enclose that edge. So much better!


The yellow strap is a spare bit of something-or-other my grandma gave me when she found out I was sewing. I was going to toss it because there wasn’t enough to really do anything with it, but I’m glad I didn’t – this is the second project in which that spare bit came in handy.

Unlike the other aprons, this one was made especially for an intended recipient. I made all those other aprons out of very cute pink cake fabric in the same line, but I had always intended the blue for this particular little lady.

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