A birthday dress! A dress for a birthday! A birthday that’s today!IMG_7694

Pattern: Lotta Dress by Compagnie M.
Size: 2T
Fabric: Cotton something or other. With peacocks!
Patchy lawn is still a work in progress.

I made this a while ago, but today is its debut. Lovely button details. In the pics they are a little lost in the busy-ness of the fabric pattern, but they pop well enough in real life. Well, that or my eye is lovingly drawn to them in admiration regardless. So adorable.

The buttons are a near-perfect match, but they came in a package of 90 various-sized ombre buttons so now I have 83 leftover. I guess that’s better in some ways than the scads of single buttons I have rolling around my button tin. The buttons, they burden me. Will they ever be useful? Should I just get rid of them? Why do I have so many buttons I love but never a button that matches? How long can I stave off my husband’s requests to sew new buttons on his shirts? When will the day come that one of my buttons ends up in a child’s nose?

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