My first skirt! If you don’t count the abominations my girl scout troop collectively made in 4th grade. We all wore those shapeless sacks to school on the same day and I wish I hadn’t gone along with the idea because that skirt was so ugly and I was so embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Let the healing from that indignation begin by reveling in our own autonomy. Nearly 30 years later I’ve made a skirt whose fabric and pattern I selected myself with much more positive results.

I even get to decide for myself when to wear it!IMG_7828

Pattern: Everyday Skirt by Liesl + Co.
Size: Medium:
Fabric: Alison Glass Petals in Eggplant from Hawthorne Threads

This is my first time working with a border fabric. They’re so pretty. I wasn’t sure, though, what to do about the hem. I didn’t want to lose any of the border, but it seemed weird to not hem at all. A cursory google search revealed no quick or obvious solution so I cut the pieces out less the 2″ hem and decided I would deal with a hem later if it needed one for weight or wear by adding and folding over a(nother) border.

Not hemming meant having to find a way to deal with side seam selvages that would usually be encased therein. Mitered flat-felled seams seemed to do well enough.


I would have preferred solid eggplant pockets, but I didn’t have enough fabric. They’re fine with some pattern peeking out.


It still feels weird to not hem. My 4th grade girl scout troop leader would be appalled.

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