Thumbs Up 7 UP

My co-worker was looking at a book about aprons which featured a photo of bottle aprons which: 1) who knew?; and 2) of course that’s a thing.

So I made some as silly Christmas gifts.


Pattern: Bottle Apron Cover from A Bee in my Bonnet
Fabric: Fat quarters on sale from Jo-Ann


I have new respect for the clothes my mom used to make for my Barbies. Quarter-inch bias tape made me feel like I was all thumbs and getting the apron strings to feed through my machine was a challenge. Such a challenge that it may not have been a good thing for my machine which starting making an unsettling grinding noise as I was finishing the aprons pictured. I’m sure it’s the fault of deferred maintenance and not this project, but through no fault of the pattern I sort of really hated sewing these which makes it easy to blame them.

The sodas unadorned. When I went back to the soda pop store a few weeks later they had excellent novelty varieties like sweet corn and butter. I was disappointed that I missed the opportunity to use them, but I’m sure the soda pop gift recipients aren’t.

After finishing these 6 aprons I suffered through 4 more, 2 of which were for the co-worker who brought them to my attention. She was delighted and tried to con me into making her more. No, just no!

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