Inaugural MMMay2018 Post

Since one of my goals for Me-Made-May is to actually wear the shawls I have sitting in a neglected pile I thought I’d experiment with ways to wear the things and put together a quick photo guide. Unfortunately, this exercise only reinforced why I never wear them. In no particular order:

The Cold Shoulder: not your grandma’s blanket for keeping warm in cold office environments
The Old Country: on someone else this says “I just drove here in my roadster”. Not to self: borrow MIL’s roadster.
The Neckerchief: only knitters wear scarves this way. You probably don’t want to admit it, but it’s true. Reminiscent of dogs wearing bandanas.
The Headband: was hoping for 1930’s movie star, more closely resemble a pirate.
The Shoulder-As-Clothes-Hanger: my personality can’t keep up with the drama
The Bandit: remain unidentifiable while drawing attention to yourself
The Girl with a Green Ribbon Around Her Neck: keeps your head attached to your body
The Broken Arm: not for use with actual broken arms
The Romani: pairs well with the Headband. Related, but not photographed: the apron. Wear shawls below the waist only with extreme caution.

I don’t wear accessories generally. I’ve wondered if it’s a matter of habit more than style so I’m going to go ahead with my pledge to try to incorporate these shawls into my wardrobe even if I don’t know what I’m doing.

Those books, I should say, are nearly all Hubs’. I’m a Kindle convert.

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