Me-Made-May Week 3

The run-down:

  • Day 15: My other Willamette Shirt. I love this bright plaid. Like a lot. I think I shouldn’t, but I do, and it surprises me every time.
  • Day 16: Washi Dress.
  • Day 17: Everyday Skirt. My only me-made bottom and it doesn’t match a single me-made top in my wardrobe. Great planning, me.
  • Day 18: Akita Top. I’ve seen lots of very nice Akitas popping up during MMMay, but mine isn’t one of them. Mine is saggy-baggy. I wear it anyways. I tell myself it’s drapey and loose-fitting.
  • Day 19: View Ridge Top. I really like this top. My shoulders got really sunburned that day, which is my own fault and not the shirt’s. Wear sunscreen, y’all.
  • Day 20: Forsythe Dress. I wear this dress sometimes, but I’m still on the fence about it. It’s fine.
  • Day 21: Willow Tank. A quintessential basic when not made up in purple and blue polka dots. Somewhat limiting when it is.

Random observations:

  • Daily picture taking is not fun. This is an experiment I have already decided will not be repeated next year.
  • I question the worth of daily picture taking in my case as I mostly wear jeans. One of my personal challenges was to mix that up, but I really don’t have a lot of bottoms. I’m not sure why I’m dragging my feet on all those pants patterns I’ve purchased with good intentions or that pair of jeans I have cut out. I need to get on it! Fewer baby booties (you have no idea, that’s a post for another day), more pants and skirts!
  • I never realized how much pink I wear. Wow, it’s a lot of pink and it’s really bright and it’s making me wonder who I even am, anymore.

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