Cowling at the Moon

Usually when I’m in a fit of knitting ennui I turn to socks. This time it’s my handspun that’s saving my lazy-brained knitting ass: here’s another simple cowl, the 2nd in a series (also, incidentally, a failed Baby Surprise Jacket for the same reason. I’m not so good at guesstimating finished handspun yardage or BSJ yardage requirements). It’s just 30 stitches of garter stitch knitted until the yarn ran out then sewed together.

It was originally 45 stitches, but that was way too wide.

I have NO IDEA what the fiber is. Pretty, though. I really like the plum and olive together. Manly with a touch of fancy. The only thing I can tell you is that I navajo plied this baby. You spin a single ply then loop it over and back through itself to make a 3-ply. BRILLIANT. I love the physicality of navajo plying. In my mind’s eye I see myself gracefully dancing with string, but in reality I’m holding my wrists at awkward angles with an unbecoming expression of concentration like the one I wear when I’m driving and my kid is constantly asking me “What’s wrong?”.

I ended up with a yarn with solid chunks and short transitions between and a cowl long enough to loop twice.

Just as I’d hoped.

Special Snowflake

I love knitting lace! I do not love wearing lace. I have a stack of finished knitted lace shawls probably being eaten up by bugs as I type this. I’ve made really intricate lace for fun and simpler, modern knits that I thought would be more wearable, but I am a habitual person and when it gets chilly I still don the Clapotis I made out of Noro Silk Garden Sock way back in 2009.

Wow, has it been 8 years already? Where does being “habitual” end and “in a rut” begin?

Back to the task at hand. If I’m not going to wear lace I thought maybe my table could.


Pattern: Snowflake Stole by Dorothy Siemens
Yarn: Juniper Moon Farm Findley in White, 2 skeins


Of course I’m already worrying about stains so my table may not be lace-adorned after all. Is it gauche to put this under a clear plastic tablecloth? Undoubtedly. I may need to rethink this plan. That or only serve white foods at Christmas dinner.

Christmas Sneak Peek

Suddenly the weather has turned cool and fall-like and I remembered that Christmas is coming.

Scratch that. I have kids so I never quite forget that Christmas is coming. I’ve also just finished (except for blocking – isn’t that an entirely knitterly qualification to make?) a snowflake stole that I’ve been working on off-and-on all summer so it may be that I never stopped thinking about Christmas this last year. I’ve been cataloging ideas all along. I started a whole post listing them before remembering that my husband might (be the only one) read(ing) this and some attempt at mystique should be maintained.

I can mention these adorable Kiriki little animal embroidery kits I ordered from Purl Soho. They are meant for Christmas stockings. Only time will tell if they make it there. I have a laissez-faire attitude when it comes to holiday making. If it doesn’t get done in time for this year there’s always next. Or never. Whatevs.

Fox box has been tampered with since its arrival

I’ve done loads of cross-stitch, some pulled thread and open work embroidery, some crewel, and knitted lots of toys, but this will be my first time tackling a project quite like this. Time to move from the Christmas-planning to the Christmas-making.