I started this make soon after finishing the muslin, but it was weeks before I got my butt to the store to get a zipper.


Pattern: Orla by Frenchy Navy
Size: Medium
Fabric: Cotton voile
Mods: Added 1″ to bodice; lengthened bust darts to end 1″ north of where the pattern marks them; did a small square shoulder adjustment, just a quarter-inch off the neckline side of the shoulder.


A zipper which I did a not so-great-job of inserting.


I haven’t decided if I care so much.  I figure I can always decide to fix it later if/when I decide I do care.


Right now I’m operating on the theory that since I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist.

Looking at this, there are a lot of ripples around the shoulder/collar area, but you can see how they run in the direction of my sewing. It’s not a fit problem, it’s a sewing problem that I hoped would iron out. It didn’t. It never does. It seems like the top layer of fabric is being pushed forward as I sew. Is this something that a walking foot would fix? I didn’t notice it until posting this picture, but now it’s bugging the heck out of me. It wouldn’t take much to fix if I knew how.


I don’t know if this is a color I’ll reach for – in my mind it’s a fleshy color and I’m constantly surprised that it’s so peachy in real life. I really like the subtle constellation print, though.


Those stars feel like a secret since you can’t really see them from more than a foot away.