Blue Skies

It wasn’t until I dug it out this Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen to make Hubs a birthday gift that I realized it did not, in fact, have any linen content at all, hence the “quilter” modifier in its name. So Hubs got a somewhat stiff 100% cotton Merchant & Mills All State for his birthday. And you are getting a brief, incomplete blog entry nearly 3 months later.


Pattern: Merchant & Mills the All State
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen in Dusty Blue
Size: Bigger than last time.

I had made this pattern for him before, but I made it too small. I somehow missed the sizing information (unfamiliar UK sizing was too much for my brain to interpret) and guessed badly based on the finished measurements. Hubs wears it anyways. I considered this and the fact that he wears holes into the things I make him a compliment until I asked which of the 3 shirt patterns I’d made for him he preferred and he told me they were all pretty much the same. Well fine then.

Indifferent husband in question.

This pattern, with its boxy guayabera feel, is my personal favorite. Not in quilter’s cotton, though, so next time I”ll make it in something lighter. Third time’s the charm, right?

A shirt, in pieces

I had already started a post describing the shirt I’m making Hubs for Christmas. In that post I told you all about the other shirts I had made him already. I described the particular problems and set-backs I had encountered. I did this because I was sure that it would be smooth sailing thereon and I would have a finished shirt to show for my efforts by now. Instead the mistakes keep piling on so numerous that they cannot be contained in a single post. So far I have:

  1. Re-made the button placket so the plaids match. This was me being a perfectionist. This shirt was going to be a pinnacle of crafts-person-ship, after all, gotta match that plaid.
  2. Re-made a pocket because it puckered where the fold was sewn down as I pulled basting stitches. This sounds like me being a perfectionist, but by the time I was done fussing with the thing it was no longer square in addition to having a pucker. I was a cool customer, redoing a pocket was no big thing.
  3. Topstitched the inside yoke instead of the outer yoke. Frustration mounts.
  4. Sewn both the shirt fronts inside out. I did not realize this until after I finished the yoke, making for twice the ripping. Frustration turned into anger at carelessness.
  5. Re-sewn one of the shirt fronts not only inside out but with the arm and neck sides reversed when I “fixing” mistake #4. By then it was enough to be funny.
  6. Re-attached part of the collar stand. This being the trickiest part of a men’s button down I anticipated having to fix a pucker or two. No big deal and I was glad there was only one pucker though it would be nice if the fix took the first time and I hadn’t had to fix my fixes.

I have had to re-do or fix every single thing I’ve done –  sometimes twice! – and folks, I haven’t even gotten to the cuffs, yet.

I think this shirt will be short-sleeved.