Final MMMay Roundup

MMMay is over!

  • Day 22: Malaga Pleated Hem Top. The pleats at the hem of this are so good, as is the v-neckline in the back. It hangs from the shoulders down your back in a way that feels luxurious and also like you’re wearing a secret cape. I dig it.
  • Day 23: My sleeveless Matcha, again. I needed some cheering up.
  • Day 24: Wiksten Tova Dress. Brand new!
  • Day 25: Ruby Top. An oldie but a goodie.
  • Day 26: Ryan Top, again. Not pictured: my Weekender Duffle!
  • Day 27: Tiny Pocket Tank. Terrible fit on this, it doesn’t suit me at all and was made out of quilting cotton to boot. But it matches my blue shorts so well!
  • Day 28: Gemma Tank. I love this pattern and think it fits pretty much perfectly, but when I made it with the scooped neck it didn’t fit so well. WHY?
  • Day 29: Bianca Top. This was me reaching for one of those makes that I never reach for. I love his fabric’s hand, hate its color. I mean, mint is fine, but not for me to wear. Pulling this out of the closet confirmed that I need to let it go. I have so many me-made that I love so much. This one makes me sad.
  • Day 30: Sailor Top. This is another one I never reach for. I love the fabric and the pattern is OK, but I don’t know. I think I’m just not in a peasant-blouse place.
  • Day 31: GINGER JEANS. Fresh off the sewing machine. Plus my plain white Akita because I wanted to wear an all me-made outfit for the FIRST TIME EVER. Even though I have several fabrics in my stash that would look very nice with black jeans, I haven’t turned any of them into tops, yet.

Did I meet my pledges? Yes, no, and maybe later.

  • Strive to pair me-made blouses with something other than jeans. Stretch goal: accessorize!
    • Um, no. First off, what was with this goal? What did I imagine myself wearing shirts with if not jeans? The real idea behind this was to accessorize and create outfits. I still have no idea how to “outfit”. I’m a jeans + top sort of person. My only hangup about it is that it makes for pretty boring daily photo sharing, a problem I’ve decided to remedy in the future by not posting daily photos.
  • Get some jeans/pants that I feel good in. Stretch goal: make them!
    • I did both! I bought new jeans! I made new jeans! I am awash in jeans! I have THREE PAIRS that fit! That’s more pairs than I’ve had in years.
  • Wear my unused and forgotten shawls out of the house, each one at least once.
    • I wore one shawl once. Sigh. Maybe I’ll try this one again in the fall. Winter stays late and summer comes early to the Midwest and we just didn’t see a lot of in-between temps like I had hoped for. Actually, how that I’m writing this a shawl would have spruced up the plain white t and black jeans I’m wearing. Oh, well.

My biggest take away was that I chose to repeat some me-made tops rather than wear others even a single time for the whole month. I have some cleaning out to do!


Me-Made-May Week 3

The run-down:

  • Day 15: My other Willamette Shirt. I love this bright plaid. Like a lot. I think I shouldn’t, but I do, and it surprises me every time.
  • Day 16: Washi Dress.
  • Day 17: Everyday Skirt. My only me-made bottom and it doesn’t match a single me-made top in my wardrobe. Great planning, me.
  • Day 18: Akita Top. I’ve seen lots of very nice Akitas popping up during MMMay, but mine isn’t one of them. Mine is saggy-baggy. I wear it anyways. I tell myself it’s drapey and loose-fitting.
  • Day 19: View Ridge Top. I really like this top. My shoulders got really sunburned that day, which is my own fault and not the shirt’s. Wear sunscreen, y’all.
  • Day 20: Forsythe Dress. I wear this dress sometimes, but I’m still on the fence about it. It’s fine.
  • Day 21: Willow Tank. A quintessential basic when not made up in purple and blue polka dots. Somewhat limiting when it is.

Random observations:

  • Daily picture taking is not fun. This is an experiment I have already decided will not be repeated next year.
  • I question the worth of daily picture taking in my case as I mostly wear jeans. One of my personal challenges was to mix that up, but I really don’t have a lot of bottoms. I’m not sure why I’m dragging my feet on all those pants patterns I’ve purchased with good intentions or that pair of jeans I have cut out. I need to get on it! Fewer baby booties (you have no idea, that’s a post for another day), more pants and skirts!
  • I never realized how much pink I wear. Wow, it’s a lot of pink and it’s really bright and it’s making me wonder who I even am, anymore.

Me-Made-May Week 2

Another roundup of my Instagram dump:

Clockwise from upper left:

  • Day 8: Willamette Shirt. One of my favoritest makes. Perfect marriage of collar and pullover. Yay.
  • Day 9: Wiksten Tova Tunic. While wearing this I remembered this pattern doubles as a dress and that I have the perfect fabric for one. I cut it out last night and am hoping I’ll find matching thread in the tin.
  • Day 10: Sleeveless Matcha Top. Photo features Nova. This shirt makes me happy.
  • Day 11: Short-sleeved Archer Button-Up. Not my most successful make. A bit big, a bit too granny-like even for me, someone who likes pink and florals and handknits and thought she was all about granny-style until that one time when I was 36 and at the drugstore with my kiddos and a woman looked at me very closely before asking if my daughter was my grandbaby.
  • Day 12: Bohemian Tee. It’s knit! But this is a rare case when you may be forgiven for calling it crochet. It’s a bit sneaky like that.
  • Day 13: Alice Top. My first me-make. I’ve worn and washed this so much it’s threadbare and showing its age. I still love it. It might not be suitable for work anymore, though.
  • Day 14: Sugar Pop Top. I don’t wear this one as often as I should. Lovely fabric. A bit of pooching occurs under the collar across the top of my bust. Perhaps the fabric isn’t sturdy enough or maybe I inadvertently pulled the fabric slightly out of shape while sewing. I like the idea of peter pan collars, but I don’t reach for them. This top went beautifully with my gray suit which was a happy surprise. That’s the suit I forgot the zipper was broken on and I sewed it shut for the 1.5 hours I needed the suit. Sewing for the win!

Me-Made-May: Week 1

I’m spamming Instagram (@busyhandsidlemind) with photos, so I’ll not spam you here. A summary will suffice.

Clockwise from the upper left hand corner:

  • Day 1: Ryan Top; Icarus shawl. This is my only me-made that has received compliments from strangers in the wild. It appeals to a certain older-skewing yoga-going demographic. It fits perfectly. I need more.
  • Day 2: Farrow Dress. My company’s CEO mistook me for one of our creators one day wearing this. I took it as a compliment. She’s very cool. And has great style, obvs.
  • Day 3: Sleeveless Matcha Top; #22 Garter-Stitch Yoke Cardigan. This is me trying to make an “outfit”. The print and sweater are a great match, the styles not so much.
  • Day 4: York Top. I rarely get to ride my bike to work. I was very visible in my hot pink paisley shirt.
  • Day 5: Fen Dress. What an excellent summer dress. Go make one.
  • Day 6: Willow Dress. Just finished! More on that later.
  • Day 7: Sleeved Matcha Top. I wore this to an interview. No joke, saw my very casual company’s HR director while I was on my way there all suited up. Awkward!

Takeaways so far:

  • If I’m going to meet my goal of pairing me-made tops with something other than rtw bottoms I’d better get to those jeans I basted up weeks ago and haven’t looked at since.
  • I still don’t know how to wear a shawl.
  • I am happily surprised to report I think I need more dresses!
  • I find myself not wanting to repeat outfits which means I’m going to have to find new ways to wear pieces. Which was the point, right? But I don’t know how to do it!



Inaugural MMMay2018 Post

Since one of my goals for Me-Made-May is to actually wear the shawls I have sitting in a neglected pile I thought I’d experiment with ways to wear the things and put together a quick photo guide. Unfortunately, this exercise only reinforced why I never wear them. In no particular order:

The Cold Shoulder: not your grandma’s blanket for keeping warm in cold office environments
The Old Country: on someone else this says “I just drove here in my roadster”. Not to self: borrow MIL’s roadster.
The Neckerchief: only knitters wear scarves this way. You probably don’t want to admit it, but it’s true. Reminiscent of dogs wearing bandanas.
The Headband: was hoping for 1930’s movie star, more closely resemble a pirate.
The Shoulder-As-Clothes-Hanger: my personality can’t keep up with the drama
The Bandit: remain unidentifiable while drawing attention to yourself
The Girl with a Green Ribbon Around Her Neck: keeps your head attached to your body
The Broken Arm: not for use with actual broken arms
The Romani: pairs well with the Headband. Related, but not photographed: the apron. Wear shawls below the waist only with extreme caution.

I don’t wear accessories generally. I’ve wondered if it’s a matter of habit more than style so I’m going to go ahead with my pledge to try to incorporate these shawls into my wardrobe even if I don’t know what I’m doing.

Those books, I should say, are nearly all Hubs’. I’m a Kindle convert.


It’s almost May! That means it’s almost time for Me-Made-May. If the weather keeps flip-flopping I’ll get to wear my thickest sweaters and thinnest summer dresses!

I wear me-mades regularly so my goal with this challenge isn’t to wear them more often, but more creatively. I don’t wear “outfits”. I wear a shirt and some pants. My office is casual so by “pants” I mean “jeans” and by “jeans” I mean “one of three pairs that don’t fit well, but don’t have big holes in the knees, yet, although one pair is very, very close and that’s the pair I’ve been wearing to get dirty at Longfellow Farm since my last pair of junk jeans split the knees so wide as to be unusable, so really let’s admit I only have two pairs of jeans each of which have significant fit issues and I don’t feel good wearing.”

So, yeah, there are significant gaps in my wardrobe, and filling those holes is another worthy goal for MMMay.

My Official MMMay Goals are:

  • Strive to pair me-made blouses with something other than jeans. Stretch goal: accessorize!
  • Get some jeans/pants that I feel good in. Stretch goal: make them!
  • Wear my unused and forgotten shawls out of the house, each one at least once

I’m excited!