Knitters DNA

Handspun never felt like “stash” to me, probably because it’s a finished object in and of itself.

Also, it’s so so so pretty.

But it is stash, stash almost too precious to be used. No more! I’m sticking with my recent philosophical pivot to use the things I have instead of letting them molder… by turning them into objects that will surely molder.


Pattern: Knitters’ DNA by Martina Behm
Yarn: Handspun
Roving: Frabjous Fibers Hand-Dyed Blue Faced Lecester in #118 Tea, Toast & Cake
A not-so-great photo for scale

I love the variation in handspun – it’s why I make it! – and then I’m not quite sure what to do with it because of that variation. Happily, I’m in a stage where simple patterns mean comfort knitting, not boring knitting, and this mental space lends itself well to finally using some of these special skeins I’ve been hoarding for too long.

But I still don’t know how to effectively wear a shawl. Any tips? Give in to it and just be a person who wears shawls? Will I feel less silly with practice?


Inaugural MMMay2018 Post

Since one of my goals for Me-Made-May is to actually wear the shawls I have sitting in a neglected pile I thought I’d experiment with ways to wear the things and put together a quick photo guide. Unfortunately, this exercise only reinforced why I never wear them. In no particular order:

The Cold Shoulder: not your grandma’s blanket for keeping warm in cold office environments
The Old Country: on someone else this says “I just drove here in my roadster”. Not to self: borrow MIL’s roadster.
The Neckerchief: only knitters wear scarves this way. You probably don’t want to admit it, but it’s true. Reminiscent of dogs wearing bandanas.
The Headband: was hoping for 1930’s movie star, more closely resemble a pirate.
The Shoulder-As-Clothes-Hanger: my personality can’t keep up with the drama
The Bandit: remain unidentifiable while drawing attention to yourself
The Girl with a Green Ribbon Around Her Neck: keeps your head attached to your body
The Broken Arm: not for use with actual broken arms
The Romani: pairs well with the Headband. Related, but not photographed: the apron. Wear shawls below the waist only with extreme caution.

I don’t wear accessories generally. I’ve wondered if it’s a matter of habit more than style so I’m going to go ahead with my pledge to try to incorporate these shawls into my wardrobe even if I don’t know what I’m doing.

Those books, I should say, are nearly all Hubs’. I’m a Kindle convert.