Intended Matcha

I predictably followed up my unintended sleeveless Matcha with the sleeved version I had in mind in the first place. While I was reporting on that first version I wondered if I misremembered the print on this cotton lawn. Did it really have cacti and owls? Is that a thing that even happens in nature? It does and they do! ADORABLE.


Pattern: Matcha Top by Sew Liberated
Size: 6, sleeved version
Fabric: Cotton + Steel Sienna Cotton Lawn Desert Bloom Ink
Purchased: Sarah’s Fabrics, my favorite

It came together quite well except for the part where I snipped my fabric while trimming threads. Uuuuugggggghhhhhh. I tried some different mending ideas but in the end zig zagged over the small hole. I didn’t figure it wouldn’t be noticeable – how could it not be noticeable? It’s a friggen’ hole – so the best I was hoping for was that I would get over myself and not care about it. It turns out, though, that my fix isn’t as obvious in reality as it is in my mind. Here it is:


It also turns out that the folds of the shirt hide the fix quite well (in this photo I’m pulling the fabric away from the sleeve) while the fabric pattern distracts and you don’t notice it at all. Happy dance!

Blousy blouse is voluminous! I love it.

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