It’s almost May! That means it’s almost time for Me-Made-May. If the weather keeps flip-flopping I’ll get to wear my thickest sweaters and thinnest summer dresses!

I wear me-mades regularly so my goal with this challenge isn’t to wear them more often, but more creatively. I don’t wear “outfits”. I wear a shirt and some pants. My office is casual so by “pants” I mean “jeans” and by “jeans” I mean “one of three pairs that don’t fit well, but don’t have big holes in the knees, yet, although one pair is very, very close and that’s the pair I’ve been wearing to get dirty at Longfellow Farm since my last pair of junk jeans split the knees so wide as to be unusable, so really let’s admit I only have two pairs of jeans each of which have significant fit issues and I don’t feel good wearing.”

So, yeah, there are significant gaps in my wardrobe, and filling those holes is another worthy goal for MMMay.

My Official MMMay Goals are:

  • Strive to pair me-made blouses with something other than jeans. Stretch goal: accessorize!
  • Get some jeans/pants that I feel good in. Stretch goal: make them!
  • Wear my unused and forgotten shawls out of the house, each one at least once

I’m excited!


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